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It is now generally recognized that Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning are essential activities.

Whether you are entirely new to business continuity and disaster recovery planning, or already have a proven and established plan, BCPExpress.com will be of real value to your organization.

The first step in a practical business continuity plan is to consider the potential impacts of each type of disaster or event and identify affected areas in your organization.

BCP Planning

It is important to define the plan scope and who will be involved in the development process. You also need to clearly state your intentions and the plan's objectives to senior decision-makers so that everyone understands in advance, and supports, the BCP planning process.


BCP Analysis

Analysis is the most important phase in Business Continuity Planning. We can't over-emphasize the importance of having a current view of your organization's systems and departmental structure before implementing an effective BCP strategy.


BCP Research

Detailed applications and systems documentation and recovery priorities are mandatory to give the recovery team an accurate picture of how each system and application functioned before the disaster or failure, and which are extremely critical.


BCP Response

A pro-active approach to business continuity planning is the best means of mitigating damage from natural disasters or other failures that could adversely impact your organization. When emergencies do occur, whether small or catastrophic, they can be overwhelming.



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